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Cihan Sezgi, 45

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Methode A
+39.345,- €

Methode B
+27.623,- €

Methode C
+14.479,- €

Methode A&B
+15.170,- €








bet gain

I am back after a break and play with the draw-bet strategies again. I am satisfied with Method A for years.
There are enough draws , you just have to choose the right teams! Matchday after matchday, the gains increase!
Andreas P. from Germany , 27.02.2021

"Hello draw-bet.com ,
I'm already looking forward to the new season. I am glad with the strategies .
As before, I will remain true to the three rules and will certainly make more winnings .
Thanks again for the strategies and best regards!
Markus K. from Germany , 12.08.2020

"Hello Cihan ,
I want to thank you for the great draw strategies."
I started with 650 Euros and was able to increase up to 1630 Euros within 2 weeks.
Just awesome!
Daniel W. from Germany , 09.03.2020

Hi Cihan,
"Finally draw-bet.com is back again!
I'm really looking forward to the new "Reformation and Innovation" ."
Let the games begin.
Toni Chivas from Puerto Rico , 22.07.2019

"With a little patience, logic, skill and luck, a lucrative additional income is possible with draw-bet.com.
Much more realistic than "BINGO" lucky guessed numbers."
I hope the forum soon will get start again. Best regards,
Lemuel Perez from Puerto Rico , 14.08.2018

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Bet on draw. Why?

Want to learn more?
Then read on, if not, it does another one!

First of all let me introduce myself.
About 20 years ago I started to collect my first experience with football betting.

I have tried everything about 12-combination bets (you can be sure at least one favorite failed!) to betting systems with 3 of 5, Handicap, the final result, under/over and so on. With the hope one day to discover a profit-making strategy. Sure, there are some people whose get well with one or the other system. However, most lose week after week, their hard-earned money. With faith one day!? I will win.

Please no more suicide bets, dear betting friends, do not always make the same mistakes. The only ones looking forward are the sports betting companies!

I was a greenhorn too and have paid very much. Until I finally came to the result to place money only at one game.
To be more specific, consistently bet on draw without ifs and buts. Consequently, I have developed a bet system by myself and at one weekend, with 100,- EURO, increase my betting account to 1743,- EURO!!!

You do not believe me? Then convince yourself.

winnings 1


And not all so bad, or!?

I know how to do it. Either you accept it or you are looking for your luck elsewhere.

Anyway you have now the opportunity with my strategies to increase your betting capital. Provided you bring patience, discipline and consistency. Do not worry, you can learn, I have these basic features (which are the three basic pillars in the betting market!) also appropriated.

What can I offer you?

Of course, I not promise you will be from now on millionaire. That's already make you someone out there to believe! However, I can tell you with certainty a promise. You have here and now the possibility to accept a new betting philosophy to a long term to reach with football betting a nice extra income!!!

Finally I will offer you my overall knowledge and experience about football betting, with valuable advices and two described in detail and easy to implement strategies definitely that's works, as shown in my draw-bet ebook. Do not worry, you will not need to invest eight hours daily, but some interest and time you should have left!

Why do I pass on my knowledge?

First, I earn some money extra by selling my draw-bet ebook, and secondly in the sports betting business there are not exist competition between us players. The betting companies make thanks us billions of transactions yearly and we are just trying bring our money back! For some few players it works well for many unfortunately not. You can now also be included to the few winners.

Would still be unconvinced?

No problem! Then I advise you to check out other websites! Certainly you will find,

-> 800-page thick books about complicated system bets, that even the author does not check it himself,

-> they costs too expensive,

-> and you have to invest a lot of time!!!

For comparison you get from me,

-> a low cost draw-bet ebook,

-> which is suitable for beginners and professionals,

-> with fast, transparent and easy to apply strategies,

-> in all of this, only little knowledge is required.

-> I also show you the best free football statistics websites!!!

-> In addition you have the right to my material-updates,

-> receive in short intervals of valuable tips,

-> and/or you can even replay my bets!!!

So far so good, in order to test the whole, now you get a free and no obligated extract from my ebook in PDF format.

Free Extract

Have you still doubt?

Than I can not help you more! Believe me, I am firmly convinced that one of my methods in general has a real chance to increase your betting capital with friendly sports betting services. Even the bet profesionals are playing something like this and it works well for me!

And I mean not to bet 10,- EURO at any suicide combination bets, in the tenth trial you will lose already 100,- EURO! Keep your 100,- EURO up and place at one game for example 10,- Euro with a betting odd of 3,0 (possible gain 20,- EURO!). Of course, the betting profits with higher stakes is also accordingly higher, but I warn all beginners to start with low stakes! I would not like to promote in any case gambling, in contrary always have the control of your own bets. I'll show you how to do it!!!

You still do not believe me? Then get a other taste.

winnings 2

These are real profits I have made and that to this day, with a simple and easily learnable strategy, successfully implement.
Or just check out my current Balance account (top left), since the start of the football season 2010/2011!!!
So and if you still do not realize what opportunities you have for your future football bets, then just the last one switched the light off.

Winning with draw bet

Order now the draw-bet Premium Package with a *Money-Back-Guarantee*!!!

The draw-bet Premium Package included:


(Immediately access)

or by bank transfer. Instant delivery after receipt by e-mail. The bank account details please request via e-mail.

However, this offer is valid only for a short time, then the price rises up to 100,- EURO!!!

The demand for the product is growing steadily! That is, given the plethora of betting knowledge, I offer you, an almost ridiculous price. Before especially when you consider how this information can affect your betting long term.
Something cheaper and comparable you get nowhere! See it as an investment for a better betting. At that price you can not go wrong and you do not need to be a genius to use the strategies correctly.

draw-bet ebook is usefully for everyone!

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